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Our array hardware is a robust and resilient framework that plays a crucial role in our defect detection system. Engineered to endure the most challenging conditions for extended periods, it provides the structural and logistical support for deploying our MatrixSense EMAT sensors.

At the core of our equipment is a commitment to longevity and reliability. Originally designed for use in fusion powerplants, all of our hardware thrives in the harshest environments, offering the necessary protection to ensure the continuous operation of sensors.

Our EMATs are a cornerstone of our technology, ensuring the safety and reliability of your fusion powerplant operations. They are designed to withstand the harshest conditions while providing accurate and real-time data on the integrity of your pipes. While MatrixFrame arrays have been developed specifically to house our MatrixSense EMATs, they may be repurposed for your equally challenging needs. Get in touch to discuss customisation opportunities.

MatrixFrame: EMAT Array Systems

Versatile Systems for Permanent Sensor Installation
Our AI system is at the forefront of characterising the integrity and status of your components. We use Gaussian processes to estimate defect sizes and shapes from the intricate ultrasonic data generated by our MatrixSense EMATs. This AI-driven technology also provides Uncertainty Quantification (UQ) on all system elements, allowing facility and operations managers to confidently make informed decisions about their processes.

The use of Gaussian processes ensures the accuracy and reliability of defect detection, while UQ provides a critical layer of information. With UQ information, you can have confidence in the results, understanding the level of certainty associated with the detected defects. This is essential in scenarios where safety and precision are paramount.

Our AI system empowers you with the ability to make informed decisions, enhancing the safety and efficiency of your operations.

MatrixInsights: AI Enabled Signal Interpretation

Gaussian Processes and Uncertainty Quantification
Our Condition Monitoring Platform serves as the central hub for gathering data from EMATs deployed across your facility. This platform integrates sophisticated electronics for transmitting and receiving ultrasound data, while also employing low power communication protocols for data transfer. The user-friendly graphical user interface (GUI) simplifies and interprets the complex data generated by the system, providing you with real-time information of your plant's health.

By unifying the data from multiple EMATs, our Condition Monitoring Platform allows you to generate comprehensive, longitudinal structural health data for your critical infrastructure. It is a vital tool for ensuring the integrity and efficiency of your systems.
By unifying the data from multiple EMATs, our Condition Monitoring Platform allows you to monitor the condition of your pipes comprehensively. It is a vital tool for ensuring the integrity and efficiency of your fusion powerplant.

MatrixMesh: Distributed Condition Monitoring Platform

Unifying Sensor Data with a User-Friendly Interface
Electromagnetic Acoustic Transducers (EMATs) are at the heart of Full Matrix's technology. These custom-designed sensors are engineered to perform in the challenging environments of fusion powerplants. Capable of withstanding extreme temperatures and radiation, they generate and receive the ultrasonic signals we use to characterise the facilities’ components. EMATs create guided waves that propagate along structures and interact with any imperfections in the material. These reflections are then detected by similar EMATs, and are interpreted to reveal real time information about the condition of the structure - without the need for access or invasive inspection methods.
At the core of our Array Hardware is a commitment to longevity and reliability. Fusion powerplants demand uninterrupted performance, and our hardware meets this demand. It thrives in the harshest environments, offering the necessary protection to ensure the continuous operation of EMATs around your pipes.

The design of our Array Hardware has been meticulously crafted to withstand the rigors of fusion powerplant operations. It's not only about durability but also about seamless integration. Each array unit serves as a stable and precise platform for your EMATs, allowing them to capture real-time data without compromise.

This robust framework not only guarantees uninterrupted defect detection but also simplifies the maintenance process. It is engineered to be easily serviceable, reducing downtime and minimizing disruptions to your powerplant's operations.

Our Array Hardware embodies the fusion of cutting-edge technology and practical engineering, delivering a vital component that contributes to the overall success and efficiency of your fusion powerplant. With 16 EMATs around each pipe, it provides comprehensive defect detection capabilities, ensuring your powerplant's safety and productivity.

MatrixSense: Ultrasonic EMATs for Extreme Environments

Thermally Robust and Radiation-Hardened Sensors
Our Digital Twin represents the cutting edge in structural health condition monitoring, offering a new level of accuracy and precision in defect detection. We combine analytical physics-based models with both numerical Finite Element Models (FEM), and statistical AI models into a single platform that revolutionises the way our clients can understand and address component integrity.

In the world of Long Range Ultrasonic Testing (LRUT), one of the most significant challenges is dealing with the distortion caused by complex component geometries, such as bends and branches. While a pulse of ultrasound travels along a straight pipe with low and predictable distortions, it undergoes significant and non-linear distortions when traversing through changes in cross section or bends, making it impossible to detect small defects using conventional LRUT approaches. This is where our Digital Twin approach comes into play, to accurately predict the signal distortions and correctly compensate.

We craft a model of your pipe's unique geometry. This model is a digital replica of your physical pipes, enabling us to simulate precisely how ultrasound will propagate within them. By accounting for every contour, curve, and bend, MAtrixTwin provides us with an accurate understanding of how the ultrasound will interact with the pipe's structure. This understanding is paramount for compensating and correcting the distortions that occur around bends. 

Our competitors might struggle to detect defects as small as those we can find, but we don't merely find them; thanks to our MatrixInsights platform, we see them clearly and quantify their size and geometry. This allows defect severity to be estimated, and enables a risk-based maintenance approach to be taken, allowing downtime to be minimised and planned in advance.

With this technology, we ensure that no defect, no matter how minute, escapes our detection, ultimately enhancing the safety and efficiency of your operations.

MatrixTwin: Structural Health Monitoring Digital Twin

Harnessing the power of digital models to enhance hardware capabilities
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